Website Development Cost in Abu Dhabi

Simply Put, website development in Abu Dhabi can cost from 6,000 Dirham to 50,000 Dirham (at a rate of AED30 to AED90/hour) in Abu Dhabi, If you need to know exact pricing you may GET A QUOTE from leading website development company in Abu Dhabi!


“How much does a website cost in Abu Dhabi? “  is the most common question that come in mind of startups, and businesses owners in Abu Dhabi  when consider website development for their company and entering the digital world with their products or services, but unfortunately the answer is not as clear and straightforward as the question was.


Websites can cost from the range of a few hundred to thousand of dirhams, depending on the features you need in your website. 6000 AED to 50,000 AED is what corporate companies usually spend on website design and development in Abu Dhabi.


Why do so many companies want the UAE when they choose to expand outside of their home countries? Every year, the number of companies applying for business registration in the UAE, especially in Abu Dhabi, increases, and the reason for this is the UAE’s business-friendly environment and government. As Abu Dhabi becoming business hub the demand of website development is rising.


You must know your requirements before hiring a website development company in Abu dhabi to develop your website. There are different type of websites such as:


-Business Websites

-Catalog Websites

-eCommerce Websites

-Non – Profit Websites

– Educational Websites

-Business Directories Websites

-Online Portals

-Portfolio Websites


Have a clear idea of which type of website you need before getting a quotation.


-You may spend 6,000 to 20,000 AED  for business website development in Abu Dhabi 

-You may spend 6,000 to 15,000 AED for ecommerce website development in Abu Dhabi

-You may spend between 12,000 & 35,000 AED for enterprise level custom website development in Abu Dhabi.

-You may spend above 50,000+ AED for a custom web application development in Abu Dhabi


 The term “What you get is What you paid for” highlights the importance of hiring a right website development company.


What Can Affect the Cost of the Website?


-The number of web pages, content, stock images, video

-Complexity of website design

-Ecommerce integration

-Website testing

-Website pages content writing


Website Development Cost Abu  Dhabi


Website development cost in Abu Dhabi vary from company to company but as of rough idea an enterprise level website development cost anything from 6,000 to 50,000 AED from the beginning of the website development project to the website launch. Request A Quote!


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