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Web Application Development Process

Mind mapping is necessary before starting to apply anything. The same goes for the web application development process. Creating a flow is the key to success, whether the project is smaller or larger. Even small mistakes can make an impact on your web application development process and would make it even more complicated.


There are several stages and phases a web application goes through, which include planning, analysis, and many other components. Several web application developers and specialist designers  takes part in these phases and development processes and set the road map for web application development project.


Let’s have a look at the phases and analyze their needs.



The very first way to achieve anything successfully is to talk and discuss it and this is what our website application development team in Dubai do. Have a clear overview of the problem you are giving a solution to. If the needs are not understood at that time, it may lead to a big failure in developing the web application. You should have a clear idea about your needs and the purpose behind developing the web application. A web application can have and impact on the business, therefore hiring a specialist web application development company is essential. Hire a company that is easy to deal with, do not go for cheaper option in fact go for  quality service. Web application development with good coding practice can give good return on investment. Some of these questions are extremely necessary to be answered before you start developing a web application.

Analyze the requirements


Once you are clear with your goal after the discussion, identify the requirements and objective of the web application. This is a complex thing to do, therefore, give some enough time to it. You should be clear about all the requisites of this application and how these would be applied into break down tasks. In this phase of web application development, things become easier too, as the tasks can be broken down into parts here which makes the development easier and manageable.

Budgeting and time


This phase of the web application development is extremely necessary as it compels you to put together everything you have discussed and figured out earlier. You need to have an  estimation in reference to both time and money. Once, you are able to recognize all your requisites and tasks have been broken down, it is much easier to estimate the costing and timeline. Take some time, and before starting, check all your requisites again.

Conception and design


Once the estimation is done, it would give us a clear idea about how our project will go. During the design phase of the web application development, you should be clear till now that who is going to do what and how? You should have clear and technical approaches in your mind. Make an order of your tasks, which task should go first. As you have an idea of the budget now, earlier in the last phase, now you would be able to create an architectural flow. With the help of this phase, things would be settled and much clear in the future

Web application development


Here comes the most known phase of the web application process. Once you are known with all the product requirements, you are done with making tasks manageable and estimating a budget, this phase can start now. The basic aim of this phase is to start creating an application that should meet the needs. Be flexible and proactive in this phase, as while implementing you may get new ideas that can make your web application even more interesting. Keep all the project requirements in your mind and check if all of them are being applied or not.

Web application testing


This phase is one of the most vital phases, as you would be able to analyze your web application easily here. In this phase, several group user validates the features used in web application and report bugs if any of them is present. Quality is being assured by those group users and if there are some changes, those can be made after a discussion again. Bits of Advice and suggestions are welcomed in this phase and feedbacks are taken into consideration during it

Web application post-production phase


Once, all the bugs reported are fixed and all the suggestions that could be applied within budget are validated, the web application can go live. This can be called the first launch too. This is the phase where the web application will run in the real environment. It evaluates the real needs of changes, as load balance increases and a lot of things are clear now. The post-production phase is the best time to talk about new urging needs that can be applied in the application in the future.


Web application development industry is growing in Dubai, there are many web application development companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that can develop high quality web based application at affordable prices. It is no longer an option for businesses to have their own web application, it has become a requisite. In this modern world, it is important to critically analyze the industry and upgrade your business.  Plan, test, develop and apply!



Our web application development company in Dubai provide full web application development services which include prototyping web app, building, redesigning, or migrating.