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Space Fynd - Find Best Venue In Town

Spacefynd is a start-up that aims to become the one-stop-shop for finding & booking venues.Trying to fill a gap in the market, Spacefynd aims to make it easy to find the “hard to find” gems for hosting events. For consumers – it would become a portfolio of every venue in town. Search, Shortlist and book viewings before finalizing your event.

Inspired by the absence of a website or app in the Middle East region, Spacefynd aims to be the leader of venue booking services. They want to achieve this by providing a hassle free experience of searching and shortlisting venues. Aiming to partner up with leading venues booking and handling payments is also a key goal.

With a clean and minimalistic UI – signup and venue listing was made a breeze. Venue search and filtering options with instant reflection of the results in the maps panel will allow users to easily find their dream venue and in the location they desire. Contact with venues, often a tiring and tedious process made smooth with real time messaging and chat feature.Venues getting more leads and consumers getting a better choice of venues. All for the win!.

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