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Incubasys is a well known software development company in Dubai, UAE that help startups and enterprises with custom software development. Our software development team built scale-able software for organizations, With more than 8 years of experience in software development across numerous industries such as agriculture, elearning, finance, gaming, healthcare, hospitality, travel, real estate, retail, transport we build innovative digital, cloud, and SaaS platforms. We have always given its clients priority over everything else hence dedicating themselves to create and design custom software as per the client’s budget and timeframe while maintaining the efficiency and quality of the work. From the very beginning to the delivery of the final customized product, we have the experience and expertise to develop reliable software that matches client’s needs. We ensure your project starts breathing within a couple of weeks and update you every week on your software’s progress.

Award Winning Software Development Company Dubai


In year 2014, We were awarded as the best software development company in Dubai. We have the team of best software developers working to deliver high quality software. Software development refers to those activities which involve different processes of creating, designing, developing, and testing the software. A software development project success depend on it’s road-map.

Dubai Based Software Development Company

Let us have a look at this software development activity road-map and know that what the main phases that incubasys software development team follow. 


Software Development Process Roadmap


– Discovery

– Requirements Gathering

– Software GUI Design

– Software Backend Coding:

– Software Testing

– Software Deployment


Once all the above phases are completed, the final phase is to launch software. What’s needed is to just fix the identified bugs and update the software, and here you go!

Software Developers in Dubai


If you are looking for software developers in Dubai, Incubasys has the team of best software developers with skills in Python, .NET, PHP, JAVA, ANDROID, C & C++ you are at the right place. Incubasys software development company Dubai develop world class web and desktop based software as per clients requirements. We are top-rated, quality-driven software development company based in Dubai, UAE, with an expert software development team of over 80 software developers providing quick, cost-effective, and dependable software development services to major enterprises companies in Dubai, UAE . We will assist you in developing reliable software. We offer professionally tailored solutions as a top software development company in Dubai, UAE. We’re a custom software development company based in Dubai, and we’re one of the most well-known in the UAE industry.  Transform your ideas into reality, reach out to your customers efficiently and give your business the value it deserves. And yes, you are always welcomed to point out anything you don’t like or you think needs fixation. 

For businesses of all sizes, we create business-driven, user-focused software applications. All aspects of your company are included in our approach. Before we write a line of code, we use good, interactive prototypes to define design and usability standards. We specialize in developing custom software to meet the needs of our customers, so you can rest assured that if you want to work with us, your software development project will be in good hands.

How Long Does It Take To Build Custom Software?


There are no two software alike, nor do they take the same amount of time to develop. And software project has three key phases of design and development that determine how long it takes to complete. Examining each of these three categories separately will help you get a better understanding of how long software development would take.


Prerequisites & Design

In the design and development process, this phase is relatively brief and simple. Your software development team documents the framework specifications, addresses the numerous concepts and application functionality that must work together to put the software together, and your demographics and their needs and capabilities.They negotiate any last-minute adjustments with you once a rough design is in place before moving on to the next phase: design and production. This stage can only take a month or two, depending on your team’s availability, your client’s availability, and how quickly the initial crucial decisions are made.


Planning, Designing & Development

Without a strategy in place, the team will be unable to begin the design and development process. Otherwise, it would be a waste of everyone’s time and money. During the planning process, you and your team decide which tasks can be accomplished at the same time and which tasks cannot. This stage does not take long because it is something that your team must complete on its own, and it can take up to 2-3 days and a few meetings. After that, the next phase in development is coding, which can take anywhere from 3-6 months depending on the system and architecture’s complexity.


Software Testing

Various types of testing are needed depending on the software being developed. End-to-end testing and user acceptance testing should be performed on all projects, regardless of their type or scale. During creation, each function is tested separately, but during end-to-end testing, the entire programme is tested as a whole, just as if it were being used by a real human.

On an average, software development from planning, designing and development takes between 9-12 months depending on its overall size and complexity.

Software Development Service in Dubai, UAE

Enterprise Software Development Dubai


The Incubasys team has experience developing enterprise software for organizations in Dubai using programming languages including Enterprise Java and Ruby on Rails. We provide enterprise software development services in Dubai based on our extensive experience developing enterprise software. If you want a customised, stable, and error-free enterprise software for your sector, then incubasys software development company UAE is the best option. We create enterprise software applications that improve the performance, versatility, and productivity of your company.

Software Upgrades and Maintenance

Is it time to update your existing software? We provide software development services to our clients in addition to custom software development. If your software was created a few years ago, it’s likely that it’s past its prime and needs to be updated to reflect current design and development trends. Let’s Incubasys software development in UAE add new features to your existing software. We can also covert your old desktop software to cloud based software.


Distributed Software Development

A centralized software that manages a distributed database as if it were stored on the same machine is known as distributed software. This type of application synchronizes all of the data on a regular basis, and if several users access the same data, it ensures that any changes made in one location are also apparent elsewhere. Traditional software run on a single device, either the client server or the one to which they connect, while distributed software run on both at the same time. Distributed software have the significant benefit that if a node running a specific software goes down, another node will restart the job, preventing the software from crashing and shutting down. Our software development in Dubai has expertise in developing Distributed software.

Software Development Company Dubai, UAE


With over 6 years in the software industry, Incubasys has earned numerous accolades as one of the best software development company in Dubai. Incubasys has multiple offices and software development centers across the globe.  Incubasys is a software development company in Dubai that is passionate about providing high-quality, scalable, and resilient software solutions to its clients all over the world. It is based in the UAE, a global technology hub. We specialise in designing enterprise-level solutions that have aided companies in the past and will continue to do so in the future as they evolve and face new challenges in an ever-changing environment. We deliver custom-based solutions to suit your unique needs, consisting of a team of not just technology geeks, but people who are deeply in love with software and who incorporate their skillsets to accomplish otherwise challenging goals.So are you ready to enjoy the rollercoaster ride of amazing product development with us? Our services cater to the needs of all the firms alike, big or small. So whether you are an aspiring individual in the business, a start-up or an enterprise company looking for some serious software developers, CONTACT US.


Do not let out-of-date systems, repetitive tasks, worn-out technology, and outdated manual systems cause your company to fall behind, resulting in the loss of old customers and the failure to reach out to new ones.


As a leading software development company in Dubai, our mission is to help you get through these hard times by introducing you to new technology and better digital solutions.

Only by thinking and working ahead of time can you make sense in a technical environment and market, and we are proud to be a leading software development company in Dubai. It’s all about keeping the customer’s concerns and needs in mind while designing software, and then solving them. Unlike other developers, our team employs the agile methodology, which entails listening to your needs, examining your business problems from all angles, and then putting together a strategy and a solution based on that information. Our clients putting their trust on us always make us proud of what we do. Our ultimate goal is satisfied clients, great products and well supported users.

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