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Incubasys is a well known software development company in Dubai, UAE that help startups and enterprises with custom software development. Our software development team built scale-able software for organizations, With more than 8 years of experience in software development across numerous industries such as agriculture, elearning, finance, gaming, healthcare, hospitality, travel, real estate, retail, transport we build innovative digital, cloud, and SaaS platforms.  We are among the top software development companies in Dubai. GOT A SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT? GET ESTIMATE BASED ON REQUIREMENT!


Award Winning Software Development Company Dubai

In year 2014, We were awarded as the best software development company in Dubai. We have the team of best software developers working to deliver high quality software. Software development refers to those activities which involve different processes of creating, designing, developing, and testing the software. A software development project success depend on it’s road-map.


Dubai Based Software Development Company


Let us have a look at this software development activity road-map and know that what the main phases that incubasys software development team follow. If you are looking forward to building a software project in the UAE, then you need to have a better understanding of its process and this roadmap is going to assist you a lot. Let’s get into it.


Software Development Process Roadmap

Software development process starts when you start your discovery and find out the need and cause behind developing the software. All the information is gathered in this step. The very next step is to look for those components which would be required while the custom development. At this point, the third phase gradually starts which is of design. Frameworks and how things are going to take place are pre-decided here to eliminate all the hassles in the future process. The next step is to start developing the given framework and idea by keeping everything such as’ all the needs, the cause and the requirements in the mind. Once the software is ready our next step is to test the software and figure out the bugs and all the issues that could affect the user experience. The last and the most important factor is to deploy, where all the bugs and issues are fixed. Now that you have a basic overview of each step, let us have a detailed and brief review of how each process takes place.



Discovery is basically referred to gathering all the information and details which is important to the business you are building software for. This process is distinguished in every next project, as the business types may differ. But in the end, what we get is the information that plays an important role in the whole cycle.



Once the discovery phase is over, you should have a list of all the requirements that will permit you to carry out the whole process. By analyzing these requirements, the estimated cost of the project can be determined which is necessary so that it can be accommodated within the budget. You will also have a clear view that whether your cost, that you are investing in will give an estimated benefit or it’s just exceeding your budget.



The very next phase after analyzing the requirements is to design. Till now there would be a clear idea about what resources are needed including finance. In this prolonged phase, identify the designs and workflows you will be needing for the software. For example, if the application is data-driven, then you will have to think about what database would be used. Identify all the tools and software that would be used to create the software. Once you are done with all of these necessary identifications, the development phase begins.



There is no doubt in saying that most of the time is invested in the development process. Once the designs are ready and all the technicalities are decided, the development phase could be started. This phase is divided into different sprints, and after the end of each sprint, the growth is visible and one can give feedback about it. At this phase, engaging the business that is getting the software designed is necessary to make sure that they are satisfied with what they are getting.



Once the development process is executed, the testing phase can be started. It depends on your project that what variety of testing would be used on the software. End-to-end testing uses all the features and functions which a user will use when this software is out in the market. During the developmental process, these features are tested but in isolation which does not provide a clear image of how it will work. Once all the test exercises are executed, the user acceptance test takes place. In this process, the client, or the business that is getting software developed, uses the software and identifies the bugs and issues they want to replace. You can call his phase a final walk-through.



Once all the above phases are completed, the final phase of deployment arrives. The new software is almost ready to be launched. What’s needed is to just fix the identified bugs and update the software, and here you go!

Now you can sit back, and see your software acing around. If you have followed all of these phases efficiently and effectively, and have collaborated with a reliable partner software team where all of these phases are given equal importance, then you are likely to see your software achieving your business objectives and help your users getting an improved experience!


Software Developers in Dubai


If you are looking for software developers in Dubai, Incubasys has the team of best software developers with skills in Python, .NET, PHP, JAVA, ANDROID, C & C++. Incubasys software development company Dubai develop world class web and desktop based software as per clients requirements.