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Promate Promate Рa talented, innovative and
award-winning brand-builder

Incubasys provided Promate with an end-to-end solution to assist them with their customer management, order management and shipment tracking processes

The Story

Promate – a talented, innovative and award-winning brand-builder who are utterly dedicated to delivering the most specialized and original electronics peripherals solutions. Their focus is creativity and devotion to finding answers to our growing digital entertainment and personal computing demands.

Promate manages thousands of customers and orders on a monthly basis and all this with excel spreadsheets. After having tried a number of proprietary ‘off the shelf’ software solutions for customer and order management it was clear that they required too much customization on these products to meet their needs. And this is a problem that all manufacturers and large distributers face. An end-to-end solution was required that encompasses their customer management, order management and shipment tracking processes.


After careful review of their requirements, Incubasys was able to create a customized solution to suit their specific needs. The main scope of the project was to build an ‘Order Management System’ so that their customers (distributors, retailers, online shops, etc.) have an accessible and easy to use medium to place and track orders and stay connected toPromate. And yes, it was a complete success! Hoorah!




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