Looking for the best e-learning app development company? There are hundred of mobile app development companies that develop e-learning apps, kids learning apps, group learning apps, learning apps for disabled people, language learning apps, educational apps, remote tuition apps, test preparation apps, the app for schools, app for universities, and more.


People have started adapting interactive and personalized learning, and it is eventually expanding in the world. huge number of mobile apps are available in the app store in ‘e learning and education’ category. Textbooks have accelerated to educational apps, and e-learning now. Everyone is accepting and praising this transition. Schools and parents are also encouraging and engaging their children in different learning platforms. There are several educational app development companies, which are implementing different scales of knowledge and technology to provide a reliable source of learning to their users. Based on reviews, and different parameters, these are some of the outstanding companies developing educational applications. Given below is the list of top 10 educational and elearning app development companies.


10 E-learning Mobile App Development Companies:



Incubasys is one of the finest and reliable app development companies. Its prime aim is to facilitate its users extensively and become the #1 developing company. Their sole purpose is to implement learning and to make it fun for those who find it a little tedious and dull. It is one of the most recognized and recommended companies by Clutch, Good Firms, etc. They have an exceptional team of hardworking and experienced professionals having great expertise in developing educational applications. Having a vivid idea and strategy makes them stand out in the market and to analyze the need for applications in learning.

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India Inc:

India Inc. provides learning app solutions to different learning institutes and corporates. They have extensive experience in the market and have delivered several projects and online interactive learning resources in the past years. A team of experts always ensures commendable work, which helps educational and corporate institutions to make sure effective learning through different applications.


Tech Ahead:

Tech Ahead was introduced back I 2009, and it is setting a track record since then. Starting from the ideation and ending on the execution, they have a great grip over everything. It is the third most recognized company in the market and is reputed and known for its endorsement and advancement in app development, for educational institutions specifically.


Deligence Technologies:

Deligence Technologies is of the leading education development companies. They have been developing several offshore projects and interactive activities for the Education industry. They conduct extensive market researches, which helps them in analyzing things even more effectively. It fulfills the need for instructive in different institutes which enables children to learn efficiently.



Digiryte is an award-winning Development Company known for its extensive expertise in education app development. They design different software and applications in a very broad spectrum. They have remarkable management and ensure swift and quick deliveries. Digiryte assists their clients to innovate in the mobile space and enhance their learning via developing different applications.


Code Brew Labs:

Code brew Labs is one of the most reputed app development companies serving a lot of educational institutes. The team has a team of experts with extensive experience and provides solutions that are not just profitable but enables learning too. It makes educational institutes and corporates stand out in the competitive market.


Konstant Info Solutions:

Konstant info solutions are serving educational institutes for more than a decade. They have introduced different applications that compel people to go for expanding their learning scales and have fun while studying. Konstant info solutions have been recognized and awarded as top developing companies too.


Fluper Limited:

Fluper has been successful and authentic for a long time. Fluper has developed several education projects which enhanced an idea of conventional education in institutes. Their developing designs are extraordinary and their team delivers remarkable services and apps. This also improves user experience and enhances their learning.


The Nine Hertz:

Nine Hertz is serving different educational institutes for more than 10 years. They have a strong presence in the market and deliver the best apps. They have been providing their services at a competitive cost across the market. This company has a team of highly qualified professionals, equipping rich knowledge and experience on technology.


QSS Techno soft:

QSS Techno soft is an IT service provider and app developer that offers a variety of interactive applications for children and for those who are registered in educational institutes. They deliver unique projects at a market-friendly cost. They have an extraordinary team of experienced people having their hands-on technology. In this fast-paced world, developing apps is the best option to engage in education with a lot of fun and learning. The world is adopting this change, and people are finding it even more convenient and feasible to learn through apps. These remarkable applications ensure the need for learning with enjoyment. These applications help the clients to have remote learning which enables people to learn even faster. It promotes better communication and avoids all mishaps. The interface also increases productivity and makes it even easier to manage. These remarkable applications are highly recommended by their users and are getting known, all around the globe. These applications are the best way to have fun and learn simultaneously.